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Quick Details

For 1 Guest Diptych (2 Canvases)
For 1 Guest Triptych (3 Canvases)
For 1 Guest Polyptych (4 Canvases)
For 1 Guest Diptych (2 Canvases)
For 1 Guest Triptych (3 Canvases)
For 1 Guest Polyptych (4 Canvases)

Enjoy all the staples of our signature “Splatter Session” with double, triple or quadruple the fun!

Our “Multi Canvas Splatter Session” gives you more surface area to experiment on and allows you to create a larger statement piece. Your custom work of art will be functional for any size space due to the flexibility of it being made up of multiple canvases. You can conveniently hang your pieces together as one unit or separate them to fit in any area.


Diptych ( “dip-tik” ) = 2 canvases

Triptych ( “trip-tik” ) = 3 canvases

Polyptych ( “pol-ip-tik” ) = 4 canvases

diagram showing diptych, triptych, and polyptych

Creating one of these works of art is different from just making two, three or four separate paintings, because you paint them all together with a cohesive palette and large applications of paint that cross over the multiple surfaces. Our team will be there to help guide you through the creation process with as much or little artistic support as you would like!

An added benefit of creating a multi canvas painting is that it is still simple and easy to transport home in our custom Painting Take Home Boxes. We will box up your artwork at the end of your session into two, three or four to-go boxes! Alternatively, we have an option for dry rack storage and shipping for if you are visiting from out of town or just want the convenience of your paintings being delivered when dry!


  • (2, 3, or 4) 16×20” Canvases
  • (1) Disposable Poncho
  • (1) Pair of Shoe Covers
  • Optional disposable gloves, hairnets and sanitized goggles
  • Access to all of our paint colors
  • Access to all of our painting tools
  • (2,3, or 4) Painting Take Home Boxes