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The Splatter Studio is a Contemporary Action Painting Experience where everyone can explore their creativity and inner artist. Drawing inspiration from the abstract expressionism era, the studio offers a unique setting for individuals and groups to freely explore the joys of painting along with fellow co-workers.

We recently hosted a group of employees and Influencers for the ILIA Beauty brand. Their tailored experience included a special color palette that matches the shades of colors that are characteristic of ILIA's products!

Why is The Splatter Studio A Great Team Building Experience?


The Splatter Studio experience is unique and unleashes creativity. No
artistic expertise required. 



It's a great way to learn more about your co-workers through the art
making process. 



There’s never a dull moment in our high energy space. Full of vibrant color and
music, throwing paint is a recipe for
a good time for all.  



Our large canvas exercise challenges your group to paint



The studio experience is not a typical "sip n' paint", it’s free form
and expressive! No rules apply. 



The experience has mental health benefits! The cathartic nature of
flinging paint in our studio is often described as “unofficial art therapy”.

WHAT to expect: 

A tailor-made event (Inquire with Amy for details!)
A lot of Fun …
Dress for a mess! 
Be prepared to take your wet painting home in a specially designed take-home box or get it shipped to your home

GROUP Event:
Basic formula includes...
Full studio rental
(Ensures no guests outside your party during allotted time)
Accommodates up to 12 people in Virginia Highland
Accommodates up to 20 people in Sandy Springs
Access to all paint stations to enjoy the Splatter Experience

Included in Your Event:
 1.5 hours of Studio Time + Party Room (Only at our Sandy Springs studio)
 Access to all paint stations (12 in Virginia Highland / 20 in Sandy Springs)
 (1) 16x20” canvas per person
 (1) 24x30” canvas for group collaboration
 (1) set of gear per person: poncho, shoe covers, gloves, hairnet,
sanitized goggles 
 (1) “painting take home box” per 16x20” painting + we keep your 24x30” on our dry racks for you to come back later to pick up

CONTACT: Amy Arno 
Corporate Development 
+1 404.487.3820 Ext. 004
Hours of Operation

Sandy Springs: 
Sunday: 12pm - 7pm 
Monday: Closed 
Tuesday: Closed 
Wednesday: 12pm - 9pm 
Thursday: 11am - 8pm 
Friday: 12pm - 9pm 
Saturday: 11am - 8pm 

Virginia Highland: 
Sunday: 1pm - 8pm 
Monday: Closed 
Tuesday: Closed 
Wednesday: 1pm - 10pm 
Thursday: 12pm - 9pm 
Friday: 1pm - 10pm 
Saturday: 12pm - 9pm 
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