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Host your party in the studio!

The Splatter Studio private party package is designed for groups of friends, families, or coworkers to have a private studio experience - perfect for celebrations, reunions, or as a team building activity. 


1.5 hours 


  • Access to all paint stations in the studio, paint, and tools

  • (1) 16x20” canvas per person

  • (1) 24x30” canvas for group collaboration

  • (1) Gear per person: poncho, shoe covers, gloves, hairnet, sanitized goggles 

  • (1) Painting Take Home Box per 16x20” painting + we keep your 24x30” on our dry racks for you to come back later to pick up

Choose your studio location, guest count and price point...

Virginia Highland Studio - Private Party 

Private Party

Reserves 12 Paint Stations

Capacity: up to 15 people (sharing 12 paint stations) 

Price: $750 

*full studio rental (ensures no other guests outside your party during alloted time) 

Sandy Springs Studio - Party Options


Small Party

Reserves 12 Paint Stations + Party Room 

Capacity: 12 people 

Price: $750

Private Party

Reserves 20 Paint Stations + Party Room 

Capacity: 20 people 

Price: $1,250 

*full studio rental (ensures no other guests outside your party during alloted time)

Frequently asked questions about our Party Options: 

Can I bring food? 


Yes, at our Sandy Springs location.

No, at our Virginia Highland location. 


All of our Party Options at Sandy Springs reserve our party room as a designated food safe area. The party room is fairly small in size, measuring 14 x 24 feet. See photos below. 

*No food is permitted at our Virginia Highland location. We recommend eating before or after your party right next-door at Atkin's Park Bar & Restaurant.

Can I play my own music? 

Yes, if you book the Private Party you can DJ for your group! We have Sonos speakers at our studios and Spotify Premium. Song requests always welcome too for Small - Medium Parties and during our regular Splatter Sessions

Can I come early to set up decorations?

Yes, you can up to 30 minutes early to set up, but please be aware our team will be busy working to clean and prepare the space. 

Contact us to reserve your party in the studio:



...for Team Building Events or Field Trips

Contact Amy Arno

404.487.3820 ext. 004


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